Customer Incentive Programs

With LUMA, there are always new opportunities to make smart decisions about your home energy use. Our Customer Incentive Programs will help you save money, reduce your energy use and strengthen our electrical grid.

Customer Incentive Programs

LUMA is committed to building a more reliable, resilient, and sustainable energy system for the people of Puerto
Rico as we transition toward a cleaner and more affordable future. An important component of this transition is
growing our portfolio of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) programs, giving our customers
more control over their energy usage. Benefits of EE and DR programs include:

  • Help reducing energy bills
  • Helping improve grid reliability
  • Creating local jobs
  • Reducing emissions
Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Make your home more energy efficient while reducing your monthly electric bill, with rebates on products for water heating, refrigeration, and more!

Customer Battery Energy Sharing

Do you have a photovoltaic system on your property? You may qualify for LUMA’s Net Energy Metering Program which enables you to receive compensation for sharing your overflow energy.

Energy Efficiency Kits

You may qualify for a complimentary kit that includes easy-to install products that will immediately reduce your energy use and help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home​

Energy conservation starts at home. LUMA has put together some easy energy-saving tips to help you save money and the planet.



Coming Soon: In Store Discounts

Get immediate saving on energy-efficient lighting and appliances for your home! Look for upcoming in-store discounts from participating retailers in partnerships with LUMA.