Opportunities with LUMA

If you are looking for a career that will let you make a difference in your family, neighborhood and community life in general, LUMA is the company for you. Come join us! Together we will transform the power grid and with it, Puerto Rico.

Commitment of our employees

At LUMA we are proud to have people who live the commitment to serve. We practice the culture of “people first” and recognize their great contribution to the performance of the company. LUMA is its people; people who work and do their best to achieve our goals of service to Puerto Rico.

Employee Benefits

We put our people first

This is why we offer a wide array of benefits for you and your loved ones.
LUMA covers 100% of your and your family’s medical, pharmacy, vision and dental coverage!

Through Triple S, cwith the largest provider network in Puerto Rico.

  • Your premium will be 100% covered by LUMA for you and your family.
  • Low medical deductibles
  • Teleconsults
  • Drug coverage inside and outside of the list
  • Vision plan with $100 available during each 18 month period for all participating family members
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • PPO plan with Triple S
  • Dental premium is 100% covered by LUMA for you and your family.
  • Preventative and restorative dental procedures are 100% covered
  • Orthodontist services covered for children up to 19 years old

Short Term disability benefits 100% covered by LUMA

  • Basic life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) – 100% covered by LUMA
  • Supplementary life insurance for employees
  • Supplementary life insurance for spouse and children

401K retirement plan – we provide very competitive matching with immediate eligibility

  • These voluntary benefits complete the main benefits through payroll deductions and discounted group rates.
  • Insurance for accidents
  • Critical Illness Insurance

Choosing healthy lifestyles is easier with our health and wellness benefits


People first. Safety always.

We are committed to offering our employees continuing education and support opportunities throughout their careers. Our employees receive substantial training for their development, as well as opportunities for advancement and success.

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of people and communities, we will open a world-class technical training school on the island. From there, a personalized study program and hands-on training will be offered to LUMA workers and the next generation in Puerto Rico. The institute will be run by Northwest Lineman College, which has four campuses in the United States.

We know that you have questions for us,
and we want to make sure that you’re finding the answers that you’re looking for.

If you have more questions, please send them to  [email protected].


You are our priority. We need your knowledge, expertise and dedication. As we build out our organization, we will post positions for PREPA employees to apply for and we will hire PREPA employees. We will communicate openly throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transition for you as you move to LUMA.

We need thousands of employees to complete the enormous amount of work and create a resilient electricity delivery system. Your experience at PREPA is very important to our success, and there will be many opportunities for a rewarding career with LUMA.

Recruiting information will be posted on www.LUMAPR.com in the “Jobs” section in the near future. This diagram shows the key moments for the next months of transition:

We plan to kick off our welcome events for all PREPA employees in late July and August. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, these may have to be virtual events, but we would be happy to meet you and answer any questions about what it will be like to work at LUMA.

Yes, we are preparing to post the available jobs on www.LUMAPR.com throughout September, October and November. Our plan is to post jobs by department and location. Once these jobs are posted online, we will provide support spaces across the island for those who have additional questions or want help applying to jobs. All employees will be able to apply to jobs online from their phones and computers, but we will have on-site assistance for those who want it. After employees have submitted applications for the jobs which interest them, we will start contacting employees to set up interviews! The interview process is for PREPA employees and LUMA to continue to get to know each other better. We want to know what your interests and professional goals are so that we can offer the best options for everyone.

We anticipate making job offers continuously as interviews are completed, throughout February 2021. After receiving and accepting offers, we will begin the LUMA entry process.

No, you will not need to speak English to be employed by LUMA. We are committed to communicating in both Spanish and English.

Given our approach to creating a customer-centric organization, and considering the significant amount of federal funding that will be deployed to renew PREPA’s infrastructure, the LUMA organization will not be the same as the existing PREPA organization.

An application and interview process is important to allow PREPA employees to express interest and better understand what, in many cases, will be new roles. We respect and will depend on the talent of PREPA employees. We encourage all PREPA employees to pursue LUMA employment and will provide PREPA employees priority in hiring for LUMA positions. Your experience will be a valuable quality!

Our culture is People First, Safety Always. Ensuring that every employee hired into a role has the proper training and skills for the job is the first step. LUMA employees will receive substantial training and development, as well as opportunities for advancement and success.

Yes! This is an opportunity for you to apply for any job (s) you want. Please review the job postings when they’re available and, if you feel that you have the interest, experience and knowledge, apply!

Yes! We encourage all PREPA employees to pursue LUMA employment and will provide PREPA employees priority in hiring for LUMA positions. Your experience will be a valuable quality! LUMA employees will receive substantial training and development, as well as opportunities for advancement and success. You are our priority. We need your knowledge, expertise and dedication. As we build out our organization, we will post positions for PREPA employees to apply for, and we will hire PREPA employees. We will communicate openly throughout the entire process to help ensure a smooth transition for you as you move to LUMA.

No. PREPA employees will have the opportunity to interview for the jobs they are interested in before we post jobs for external candidates. PREPA employees get priority.

LUMA will have thousands of job opportunities. PREPA employees will have the opportunity to choose what type of employment they wish to apply for, regular or temporary.

LUMA will have thousands of job opportunities available. PREPA employees will have the opportunity to choose what type of employment they wish to apply for, regular or temporary.

Yes! While we have much to do as we build out our organization, we will provide further details and organizational charts through the front-end transition period. As we begin to familiarize ourselves with each other and throughout the job postings process, we believe our organizational structure will naturally take shape. We will be communicating a more detailed schedule of job postings over the next couple of months, and as you begin to see different departments post jobs, be on the lookout for jobs that interest you. During this time, please feel free to reach out to Human Resources if you have a question about where your skillsets might match within the LUMA organization. Once we complete the interviewing of PREPA employees, we will seek to confirm our new organizational structure.

Yes. Preservation of employee Acquired Rights is set forth in Act No. 120-2018. LUMA is committed to complying with Act 120-2018 and all other laws. Specifically, all PREPA employees hired by LUMA will receive a compensation and benefits package that is equal to or better than provided by PREPA. Under Act 120-2018, PREPA employees who do not join the LUMA team will be transferred to another position within PREPA or another government entity. All PREPA employees will be protected.

We will waive our probationary period for PREPA employees who are hired at LUMA.

LUMA is a military-friendly employer. If you’ve served our country in the military, we know that you understand the level of commitment it takes to get the job done. Candidates who have military experience will readily identify with our corporate core values ​​of service, responsibility and pride for fellow employees, customers and the communities we serve. We are a veteran-ready company! LUMA will comply with all applicable US and Puerto Rican employment laws related to US military and veterans.

Once LUMA’s workforce is hired, we will recognize unions that have majority status in the various bargaining units.

LUMA’s parent companies employ well over 20,000 union members around the world, and have longstanding, collaborative and valuable relationships with union representation. We expect to have the same with the unions in Puerto Rico.

We expect to have new collective bargaining agreements between LUMA and the unions. Given the need for significant transformation and modernization of the transmission and distribution system for Puerto Rico, we will work hand in hand with the union representatives of its employees to negotiate new, modern, fair and competitive collective bargaining agreements and to continue to provide highly sought -after jobs on the island. We expect that any new collective bargaining agreement we reach in the future will reward experience, prioritize safety, and will also provide a grievance process to resolve employee concerns.

LUMA will have many new jobs with different qualifications from those which currently exist at PREPA. We will offer competitive, industry-leading compensation, reliable and stable benefits, job protection, enhanced safety protocols, additional training and advancement opportunities for LUMA employees.

We are committed to building a safer, more reliable grid for all Puerto Ricans.


As a new employee of LUMA, you will have many exciting career opportunities. We will pay competitive wages and, for employees who stay in their same position, we will offer you a total compensation package equivalent to or greater than your current compensation at PREPA.

Payroll will be handled through LUMA. When you are hired, we will gather the required information from you in order to process your paycheck at the same pay frequency you have today.

Yes, your new compensation will be based on the new role at LUMA. Every job posting will have a detailed job description outlining the responsibilities for that role.

LUMA will offer a competitive total rewards package, including compensation and benefits. We will be offering many new jobs, as well as jobs currently at PREPA, and will ensure that our wages match the job responsibility within LUMA.

At LUMA, we put people first, and recognize your retirement plan is one of your most important benefits.

With LUMA’s 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan, you make your retirement your own. LUMA makes competitive employer contributions to individual retirement accounts and provides the education and tools to help you make sound investment choices. As a future LUMA employee, we encourage you to discover this approach to helping you achieve a better financial life in the years ahead.

If you are a current PREPA employee with 10 or more years of service, you have a choice under law to continue contributing to the PREPA Pension Plan. LUMA will honor this agreement and comply with the law to give you this choice.

If you have less than 10 years of service, your only option is to withdraw from the PREPA Pension Plan and either have your contributions paid to you or roll them into the LUMA Plan.

The frequently asked questions below will help you navigate through this process so you can make the decision that is right for you and your family.

PREPA Pension Plan

On March 5, 2021, PREPA communicated in the Transition to LUMA Energy and Participation in the Employee Retirement System of the Electric Power Authority memo that former PREPA employees with 10 or more years of service hired by LUMA have the following options:

  1. Chose to participate in the LUMA 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan (LUMA Plan) and receive the LUMA company contribution. You will discontinue future contributions to the PREPA Pension Plan. If you choose this option, you may retain your prior PREPA Pension Plan contributions in the PREPA Pension Plan, or you may transfer all prior PREPA Pension Plan contributions to the LUMA Plan.
  2. Elect to continue contributing to the PREPA Pension Plan and retain your past contributions in the PREPA Pension Plan. If you make this election, you will be required to make a further election, as described below in Question 2.

This is an extremely important decision, especially considering the funding of the PREPA Pension Plan. We cannot provide you tax or financial planning advice, so please consider consulting with a tax advisor.

If you chose to continue contributing to the PREPA Pension Plan, LUMA will forward employee contributions to the PREPA Pension Plan as mandated by Puerto Rico law. If the PREPA Pension Plan will not accept your contributions, you may choose one of the following options while the situation is being resolved:

  1. Have your employee contributions deposited into a designated account under the LUMA Plan.
  2. Have your employee contributions returned to you and taxed.
  3. Start participating in the LUMA Plan.

LUMA will make an employer contribution (determined under the terms of the PREPA Pension Plan) on your behalf.

You will be asked to make these choices during the LUMA onboarding process. In either case, the contributions are still yours. See Question 3 below for more information.

Until this issue is resolved, if you confirm with LUMA during your onboarding process that you desire to continue your participation in the PREPA Pension Plan and you choose option 1 (in question 2 above), LUMA will:  

  1. Deduct from LUMA payroll your current PREPA Pension Plan employee pre-tax contribution percentage.
  2. As directed by you, deposit your employee contributions to a designated account in the LUMA Plan.
  3. LUMA will hold your contributions in a designated account under your name, and separately accounted for.  They will remain your contributions. 

Please know that if it is determined that the PREPA Pension Plan must accept your contributions, your previous contributions made to the LUMA Plan will require governmental approval in order to be transferred to the PREPA Pension Plan.

If it is determined that contributions cannot be deposited into the PREPA Pension Plan: 

      1. If you have chosen to make your contributions into the LUMA Plan, your contributions will remain in the LUMA Plan. As allowable by law, LUMA will make the corresponding employer contribution to the LUMA Plan on your behalf that you would have received had you enrolled in the LUMA Plan from your hire date. 

       2.   If you chose to have your contribution returned to you, you are eligible to start participating into the LUMA Plan. See below for more information about the advantages of the LUMA Plan.  

Yes. You will be able to start participating in the LUMA Plan and receive the LUMA employer contribution.  If you elect this option, you will be entitled to invest your contributions in any of the LUMA Plan investment options.

LUMA 401(k) PR Retirement Savings Plan (LUMA Plan)

The LUMA Plan is administered through Fidelity Investments.   Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world and will provide you with 24/7, 365 days a week access to your retirement account.  You will have convenient online access through your smart phone, iPad, and computer through Fidelity NetBenefits.  You can also speak with a professional financial advisor who can help you with your retirement choices to reach your retirement goals.

If you are at least 18 years of age, you are eligible to participate in the LUMA Plan immediately. 

Click on the following link to view a demo Fidelity NetBenefits account (Username and Password are not required.  Simply click log in).    


Health and Welfare Benefits

As a LUMA employee, you will receive your medical, pharmacy, dental and vision coverage through Triple-S SALUD BlueCross BlueShield, the same provider as PREPA has today.

Your LUMA benefits will take effect on your LUMA hire date, which we hope will be in mid-2021. As your job offers expand, a benefits package will be included that will describe your coverage options. Before your hire date, we will help you make your benefit choices.

LUMA will offer employees a PPO Plan with the same design and deductible payments as the PREPA employees currently have.

Yes, an employee’s legal spouse and children up to the age of 26 are eligible for coverage. Verification of dependent eligibility will be required during enrollment.

Yes, if you enroll in the LUMA Medical Plan, you will receive a new Triple-S SALUD BlueCross BlueShield ID card.

Similar to your current PREPA coverage, you will have no payroll deductions. Great news!

After your hire date with LUMA, if you or a family member have been approved for, or will be in, an active course of treatment such as chemotherapy, third-trimester pregnancy, post-operative treatment, etc., your course of treatment will be approved. You must inform your doctor that your coverage has changed to LUMA to ensure your claims are forwarded to LUMA Triple-S SALUD BlueCross BlueShield for reimbursement.

LUMA will provide Basic Life and AD&D Insurance, Short-term and Long-Term Disability. You will have the option to elect additional life insurance coverage for you, your spouse and eligible dependents. LUMA will also offer voluntary benefits such as Cancer / Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity Insurance at group rates with the convenience of payroll deductions.

Vacation and Sick Leave

We will offer competitive holiday, vacation and sick time packages. At the time the job offers are extended, we will provide you with the details of the plan.

We will have our own competitive paid leave programs, so you will not be able to transfer those hours. However, LUMA fully anticipates that any unused sick or vacation time earned at PREPA will be settled in accordance with PREPA’s current vacation and sick leave policy.

General FAQ

LUMA Energy (LUMA) was selected by the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority (P3A) to operate and modernize Puerto Rico’s electric grid. The selection of LUMA follows a substantial, competitive process involving some of North America’s largest utility providers. For more information, please visit the P3A web site at http://www.p3.pr.gov/. You can also visit www.LUMAPR.com.

LUMA is a purpose-built operator that has been designed to provide the people and communities of Puerto Rico with a resilient, reliable and sustainable electric grid, while also delivering outstanding customer service. We are committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, safety and operational excellence.

LUMA combines:

  • Industry-leading technical experience in building reliable, sustainable infrastructure and best-in-class craft skilled workforce training;
  • Decades of operational excellence managing several world-class utilities that deliver safe and reliable energy to millions of customers; and
  • Expert and transparent management of federal funds.

Headquartered in Puerto Rico, LUMA was formed by Quanta Services (Quanta) and ATCO Ltd. (ATCO):

  • Quanta is a leading infrastructure solutions provider for the electric power, pipeline, industrial and communications sectors in North America. With more than 40,000 employees, Quanta has the fourth largest private fleet of equipment in North America, behind leading companies such as Walmart and PepsiCo. Quanta is a leader in the areas of safety and training for its craft-skilled workforce – self performing more than 85% of its work to collaborate with customers to provide cost certainty and safe execution. Quanta also has extensive experience responding to natural disasters across North America. For more information, please visit www.QuantaServices.com.
  • ATCO is a diversified global holding corporation with approximately 6,000 employees. ATCO delivers customer service excellence and innovative business solutions across several platforms, including electricity, natural gas, energy storage, industrial water, modular structures, site support services, transportation (ports and logistics) and commercial real estate. ATCO has provided products and services in more than 100 countries around the globe for more than 70 years – and has an impeccable customer service rating. For more information, please visit www.ATCO.com.

LUMA is also working with IEM to provide federal funding expertise:

  • IEM has more than 35 years of experience helping the public and private sectors enhance preparedness, mitigate risks and effectively respond to and recover from disasters. IEM excels in the effective management of recovery programs funds, which will enable LUMA to act efficiently and accurately in rebuilding and modernizing Puerto Rico’s grid. IEM will also position LUMA to provide critical emergency management and crisis response support, should a future disaster occur. For more information, please visit www.IEM.com.

Through the Quanta and ATCO group of companies and with the support of IEM, LUMA can leverage the expertise of a combined workforce of more than 50,000 people, along with the largest specialized fleet in North America. Collectively, this group operates more than 52,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, covering 165,000 square miles of service territory, and has overseen more than $51 billion in disaster recovery programs and supported more than 300 state, local and territorial jurisdictions with a wide range of emergency management services.

LUMA will leverage our resources and experience to improve the island’s electric infrastructure, implementing industry best practices, deploying innovative technologies and increasing the grid’s resiliency to future storms and other extreme events. We will collaborate with Puerto Rican entities including businesses, community members and government agencies to execute in the most efficient manner. We are also dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work to impact the overall social and economic development of the island.

We put our employees first. LUMA will prioritize the talent of PREPA employees: their legacy, knowledge and expertise will be paired with our globally recognized experts in numerous fields such as customer service, high-voltage transmission engineering, distributed energy resources and mini/micro grid integration.

We will contribute best-in-class expertise in workforce training and field workforce development. A key focus will be providing training, continuous learning and career-long support of our personnel as part of our People First, Safety Always culture.

LUMA plans to build a training facility with customized curriculum in Puerto Rico to raise the standard of safety and training for its employees and the people of the island.

The knowledge, expertise and skills of current PREPA employees will be extremely important to us as we establish LUMA. We intend to employ as many existing, qualified PREPA employees as we can. During the transition period, we plan to engage with current PREPA employees to understand their roles, responsibilities and internal structures to inform our hiring decisions.

Our goal is to build a new, powerful and efficient organization that benefits from having the best people for the job.

LUMA is headquartered in San Juan, and our employees will live and work in Puerto Rico. To ensure the front-end transition period can begin quickly, we are relocating several top professionals to lead LUMA and prepare for assuming responsibility for operation of the grid.

We value the knowledge and skills of current PREPA employees and believe they will be critical to the long-term success of LUMA.

Leveraging our collective expertise, LUMA is positioned to be a world leader in swift, effective disaster response and management. Our leadership team has extensive disaster response experience, including the deployment of 6,000 line workers simultaneously to carry out emergency repairs in the US Gulf Coast in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as well as restoration of electric service following the catastrophic 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta – a disaster that affected 1,500,000 acres with more than $5 billion in damages.

IEM has provided program and project management support to some of the largest recovery programs in recent years in states and territories impacted by hurricanes and flooding. Following the major hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific in the past two years, IEM deployed disaster response personnel to several U.S. territories to coordinate air evacuations and relief personnel and supplies. IEM currently supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency in developing plans for the federal government’s activities in response to nationally significant natural, accidental and intentional disasters across the nation.

LUMA will deliver far more than operational excellence, an improved customer experience and reliable electricity service. When communities thrive, everyone benefits, which is why we are committed to supporting and empowering individuals, groups and organizations in Puerto Rico.

Our employees will live and work in Puerto Rico and be actively engaged in the communities they serve. We are committed to building an expertly-managed organization that is one of the best career choices in Puerto Rico and improves the standard of living for families and businesses.

LUMA firmly believes in conducting business responsibly and with the highest ethical standards. We know that how we do business is just as important as what we do. Our parent companies, ATCO and Quanta, are committed to transparency and integrity, and we bring these values ​​to all projects around the world. We are guided by our Codes of Ethics, which require us to be safe, honest and transparent in every business situation and act in ways that reflect our values.

LUMA will have a best-in-class Ethics and Compliance Program. This Program will be overseen by a Compliance Officer who will have the full support of LUMA’s leadership, as well as the full support of leadership at ATCO and Quanta.

We will work collaboratively with Puerto Rican and US federal government agencies to establish transparent procurement practices that will be strictly followed.

LUMA is a world-class operator for the Puerto Rican transmission and distribution system. We will:

  • Refine and prepare to implement a plan to modernize the electric grid of Puerto Rico in order to improve reliability and resiliency;
  • Develop new, responsive customer service programs to roll out during operations;
  • Support federal funding initiatives;
  • Establish a line worker training center to make the PREPA workforce and community safer;
  • Develop a smooth transition for employees moving from PREPA to LUMA;
  • Develop best practices for safety and workforce productivity with training and benchmarks;
  • Establish performance metrics and benchmarks to ensure accountability;
  • Set up systems to enhance overall cost controls and improve affordability for Puerto Rican customers.

LUMA will innovate by deploying and operating new utility technologies, including micro grids, supported by distributed renewable generation and battery storage, which will form the foundation of the evolving energy landscape.

As the transformation of the transmission and distribution system progresses, customers will be able to better control their bills, as more frequent energy consumption and bill forecast information will be provided.

A modern and stable electric grid will foster more economic growth for Puerto Rico, which will, in turn, attract global businesses to invest in the island.

Now that LUMA’s selection has been approved by the appropriate regulatory and government agencies, we will begin a detailed review and planning process, which will take approximately 10 to 12 months to complete. These plans are intended to be consistent with the proposed Grid Modernization Plans currently being pursued by the Government of Puerto Rico, PREPA and the P3A. During this front-end transition time, PREPA will continue as the operator of the transmission and distribution system.

During this transition phase, LUMA will be developing detailed plans required for the reliable takeover of the transmission and distribution system, in line with the government’s plans and the IRP. We will enhance and unify the various plans developed over the past few years into one roadmap that to bring the utility services up to world class standards, provide increased customer service and support a more resilient and cleaner grid with higher reliability. We will start by leveraging our expertise and management talent to create the new organization – and will be held accountable for implementation by the independent regulator and our stakeholders.

After completion of the initial transition period, LUMA will enter the commencement period where we will then assume operation and maintenance of PREPA’s transmission and distribution system for a 15-year term.

Living and working alongside the people of Puerto Rico, LUMA will create a resilient, reliable and sustainable grid – one that supports long-term benefits for the people and communities we are privileged to serve.

LUMA will deliver far more than reliable electric service – we will create opportunities for long-term social and economic development for the people and communities of Puerto Rico for generations to come. Having a resilient, reliable and sustainable energy system will benefit all Puerto Ricans.

We can’t do this alone. This will be a journey together to develop a made-in-Puerto Rico solution, and we will need the help of every Puerto Rican to achieve our goals.