Protecting your Personal Equipment

As we build a more reliable, more resilient energy system for Puerto Rico, it is important to understand the effects that power fluctuations can have on personal belongings such as electronics, appliances, and equipment. Power Surges are sudden rises in voltage that last for a short period of time – these surges are higher than the average current in your electrical system and can be damaging to electronics and appliances in your home.

Helpful tips for protecting your equipment

To protect your equipment from power surges, follow the helpful tips below to keep your electrical devices safe and ensure that prevent potential safety hazards in the future.

  • Invest in a surge protector – they may look like regular power strips, but they have built in fuses that help redirect power and safeguard the devices plugged in.
  • Don’t overload your surge protector by plugging in too many high-voltage electronics.
  • Look for one with a UL or ETL rating, meaning it’s been tested and meets certain safety standards
  • Surge protectors wear out over time. Look for models that warn you when they’re weakening
  • If you’re planning on using a surge protector for medical equipment, look for a model approved for this purpose

Will any power strip do?

No, not all power strips offer voltage surge protection meant to safeguard your equipment. Follow these tips to help you choose the right surge protector:

  • Check the label to ensure it offers surge protection and ensure it has enough ports for the number of devices you own.
  • Check the surge protector’s energy absorption rating – this tells you how much energy will be absorbed by the device before it triggers the surge protector (the higher the better).
  • Check for extra features – surge protectors can have features like automatically turning off the device when it’s done charging.

What is the lifespan of a surge protector?

A surge protector can last between 3 to 5 years, but they do become worn out when they endure strong power surges. We recommend that you replace them every 2 years to protect equipment from damage due to voltage fluctuations.