A Solution for a Brighter Energy Future

A New and Innovative Opportunity for Customers 

As the system operator, LUMA is responsible for helping to implement Puerto Rico’s public energy policy, including demand-reduction programs such as the Battery Emergency Demand Response Program (BEDRP). The BEDRP is a next-generation pilot program designed to leverage customer battery storage systems to increase the supply of energy available to the electricity grid during peak demand periods, to improve day-to-day service reliability and minimize the impact of load shedding. 

The BEDRP will be implemented by companies known as Aggregators, who will enable participating customers to export energy from the customer’s battery storage systems during times with generation shortage. 

The BEDRP is expected to launch in October 2023. To enroll in the program, all eligible customers must sign up through an approved Aggregator (coming soon). 

This opportunity is available to residential and commercial customers that have a battery storage system connected to a photovoltaic system (PV) and are enrolled in LUMA’s Net Energy Metering Program. Customers cannot be enrolled with more than one aggregator at a time.  

Participants in this pilot program will agree to supply some of the stored energy from their batteries to their home or to the grid during peak load conditions. All customers who participate will be compensated by their aggregator.  

If LUMA forecasts that the following day’s power needs will exceed the available generation supply, a “BEDRP event” may be scheduled to make use of some of the renewable energy produced and stored by solar PV customers. A BEDRP event occurs when all available generation resources are in use and the system is unable to meet forecasted energy requirements, as determined by LUMA in its responsibility as system operator. Each event only lasts a few hours.  

Third-party aggregators, independent from LUMA, enroll customers and manage their participation. If an event must be initiated, aggregators are notified by LUMA. The aggregators then notify customers. Customers do not have to do anything, the aggregator manages the export of power from each enrolled battery system. Those systems send power from the customer’s batteries into their  home or to the energy grid to increase overall supply. Only a portion of each customer’s stored energy will be exported during an event, to ensure the customer maintains a backup reserve. Customers may opt out of any event at any time with no penalty. 

Net Metering customers who participate will be compensated for the energy they provide from their battery during BEDRP events. Customers receive payment from their aggregator which is dependent on the contract between the customer and the aggregator. Total payment  may depend on the amount of energy provided by the customer’s battery during each event. This next-generation solution will contribute to better system reliability for all customers and incorporate clean, renewable energy into Puerto Rico’s electric grid. 

To enroll in BEDRP, all eligible customers must sign up with an approved aggregator that is responsible for controlling your battery storage system during events. Please contact one of our approved aggregators to enroll in the pilot program.  

View list of aggregators (coming soon). 

  • When BEDRP Events occur and how long they may last?  
    Events may occur any weekday of the year, excluding holidays, though primarily during the months of April – November. These events can last an average of two hours each. 
  • How will I know when there is an Event?
    LUMA will notify aggregators in advance of an Event. Your aggregator will notify you and automatically supply stored energy from your battery to your home or to the grid. 
  • Can I opt-out of an Event?
    You may opt-out of any Event by notifying your aggregator, but you will not receive payment for that event. 
  • How much power do I need to provide?
    Your aggregator will provide the requirements for participation and can enroll you in the pilot program, if you are eligible. The amount of power you will be able to supply will depend on the size of your PV system and the storage capacity of your batteries.  
  • How much will I get paid?
    Payment terms are defined by the aggregator with whom you decide to enroll. 
  • Will I notice any change in my electric service during an Event?
    Your batteries automatically supply stored energy to the energy grid. You shouldn’t notice any difference in your home’s power supply.
  • Will all of the energy in my battery get used in a DR Event?No, only a portion of the energy in your battery will get used during a DR Event. The amount of your battery capacity used during a DR Event is up to you and should be discussed with your DR Aggregator when you enroll in the program. 
  • Can I participate if I don’t have battery storage as part of my system? No. Your system needs to have battery storage and be registered in LUMA’s Net Energy Metering Program. 

For Aggregators 

Companies interested in becoming an approved Aggregator must have the necessary capabilities and resources to:  

  • Enroll and sign up eligible customers; 
  • Manage and dispatch behind-the-meter batteries of Participating Customers as per BEDRP Program Guidelines; 
  • Securely collect, manage and transfer each Participating Customer’s battery telemetry data, from every BEDRP Event, to verify battery performance; 
  • Provide all necessary customer service and technical support for BEDRP Participating Customers and;
  • Execute customer payments or compensation for BEDRP participation;

Please see the BEDRP Program Guidelines for more details. 

If your company is interested, please email [email protected] for more information.