Electric Vehicles

Driving the acceleration of clean energy in Puerto Rico.

LUMA supports the building of a clean energy future for Puerto Rico that includes empowering the growth of electric vehicles (EV). Since June 2021, LUMA has made significant progress to advance clean energy priorities and make improvements to the electric system, while we continue to make the energy system more reliable and reduce outages for customers. To learn more about our clean energy progress, visit progresodelumapr.com.

Electric vehicles, often referred to as EVs, are automobiles powered by electricity instead of gasoline or diesel. They use electric motors powered by energy stored in rechargeable batteries. These batteries are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electrical outlet or a charging station. There are two main types of EVs:

  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs): are powered solely by electric energy stored in the battery. They don’t have an internal combustion engine and produce zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): are powered by a combination of battery power and a gasoline engine that is typically used as a backup.

Learn more at: U.S. Department of Transportation


Electric vehicle chargers come in three types of levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Direct Current (DC) Fast Charging. Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are most common in homes, public places like shopping malls and workplaces. On the other hand, fast charging chargers are usually located along roads and highways and are more suitable for long trips.

Learn more at: U.S. Department of Transportation 

While LUMA does not build, operate, or maintain EV Charging stations, we will continue to improve the electrical grid to support the expansion of charging networks.

These are some of the benefits that Electric Vehicle (EV’s) owners enjoy:

Save Money: EVs are more energy efficient and have a lower operating cost than traditional vehicles. Additionally, electric vehicles do not require changing oils, spark plugs, air filters and other parts that would need changing in gasoline engine vehicle, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

No More Gas Stations: With electric vehicles there’s no gas to burn or gas to buy. Charge your car at home overnight or at work if your employer offers workplace charging.

Performance: Electric motors provide instant torque, resulting in quick acceleration and responsive performance.

Benefits to the Environment: EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Quiet and Smooth OperationEVs are quieter and offer smoother acceleration compared to traditional vehicles contributing to reducing noise pollution in urban areas.

Incentives: Customers may also receive incentives for owning an EV. Currently, the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury grants a refund on some taxes paid on electric or hybrid vehicles. Learn more at: Departamento de Hacienda – Determinación Administrativa Núm. 11-08.

Learn about more EV benefits at fueleconomy.gov.

Time of Use Rate (TOU)

LUMA is working to soon offer a Time of Use (TOU) residential rate, where energy charges vary based on the time of the day. By using this special rate, you may be able to save money by paying a less expensive rate for charging your vehicle.


If you own an electric vehicle and have an interest to enroll in this special tariff once launched, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] with your name and vehicle model and we will contact you once the program is ready for enrollment.

To view the terms and conditions of the program click on the following link: EV TOU Rate Terms and Conditions

In Puerto Rico there are charging stations around the Island where you can charge your vehicle. To locate the stations, you can use the PlugShare.com app. This is a free online tool that will help you plan your trip and locate available charging stations in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Charging Stations Location Map

LUMA’s Role

It is important to note that LUMA’s role is not to purchase, own and/or operate charging infrastructure in the near-term. This is the responsibility of the service providers who specialize in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment installation and operation, and of the Puerto Rico government agencies who have access to funding for deploying it.

LUMA’s role is to support and facilitate these market actors in ongoing infrastructure deployment projects while working to improve grid resiliency and reliability and repair critical grid infrastructure needed to support the growth of EV adoption.

Additionally, LUMA works collaboratively with local stakeholders and entities to help facilitate the interconnection of EV infrastructure by streamlining processes and serving as a trusted advisor to help Puerto Rico reach our shared goal – a more reliable, more resilient, and cleaner energy future.

Survey on the Electrification of Transportation in Puerto Rico

We are conducting a survey to better understand the needs and preferences of Puerto Rican residents regarding transportation electrification. Your input is valuable and will help shape future initiatives. This survey is anonymous, and your responses will be kept confidential.

Scan this code with your mobile phone or access the following link to participate in the Electric Vehicle survey.