Procurement Events List

LUMA uses the electronic sourcing platform PowerAdvocate® to publish its RFx Packages, receive responses, proposals, bids, and communicate with vendors regarding the RFx package.

PowerAdvocate® allows suppliers to participate in online procurement events issued by LUMA for various products and services.  It allows suppliers to access their RFx documents easily and manage their current and past proposals and/or bid documents simply by logging into the website.

Learn about our Open Procurement Event by accessing the event number of your interest.

For more information on how to use PowerAdvocate, access PowerAdvocate ® Guide.  For technical assistance with this sourcing platform application, please get in touch with PowerAdvocate®’s technical support at (857) 453-5800 or email at [email protected].

For questions about these procurement events, or anything related to Supplier Registry, please email us at [email protected]