Service to Commercial Customers

Our commercial customers tend to have more complex needs than residential. That’s why we offer a wide array of solutions.

Pay My Bills

Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer several ways to pay.

Smartphone with Mi LUMA app (payment coming soon)

Calling us at 1-844-888-5862 (LUMA)

By Mail

Through your bank’s channels

Automatic Debits


Renewable Energy

We at LUMA work with the transmission and distribution components of your electric service while PREPA continues in charge of the generation component. We power your household or business with energy generated by PREPA generating plants and by 3rd party companies such as EcoEléctrica and AES. Today, all this energy comes from non-renewable sources, specifically natural gas, oil and some coal. However, PREPA is expected, in time, to alter its energy generation profile to include more renewable sources. This process wil take time because it requires major investment by PREPA and/or private entities.