How can I understand the charges on my bill?

How can I understand the charges on my bill?

Below is a chart with information explaining all the charges.

Base Rate – Variable

  1. Consumption Charge
  2. Additional Consumption Charge
  3. Demand Charge
  4. Excess Demand Charge
  5. On Peak Energy Charge
  6. Off Peak Energy Charge
  7. On Peak Demand Charge
  8. Off Peak Demand Charge
  9. Minimum Charge Difference
  10. Remaining 12-Month Contract Charge – Unmetered. Any flat rate service charge for a service that does not  require a meter and includes a flat rate charge and charge  adjustments

Subsidies & Discounts

  1. Rider NM – Net Metering Credit
  2. Thermal Electric Generation Credit
  3. Rider DD – Direct Debit Credit

Fuel Charge

  • Reconciliation Clauses
  • Generation Fuel Charge

Purchased Power

  • Reconciliation Clauses
  • Power Purchased from Third Party

Subsidies, CILTA  & Others

Reconciliation Clauses

  1. Rider CILTA- Municipalities Adj.
  2. Rider SUBA- Subsidies HH
  3. Rider- Subsidies NHH
  4. Provisional Rate True-Up

Subsidies & Discounts

  1. Rider FOS – Fuel Subsidy
  2. Rider QF – Purchased From Qualifying Facilities (Parallel  Generation)
  3. Rider LP – Life Preserving Equipment Credit
  4. Rider CSW – Discount for Church and Welfare  Organizations
  5. Rider CIT – Qualified Tourism Incentive Credit
  6. Rider CRA – Qualified Rural Aqueducts Discount
  7. Rider CAC – Condominium Common Area Discount
  8. Rider DCS – Downtown Commerce Discount
  9. Rider LR – Load Replacement Discount

Base Rate – Fixed

Customer Charge