Basic Safety Rules

Basic Safety Rules

Before starting to work or play, we should verify if there are electrical lines close by, whether overhead, underground or within walls, ceilings or any structure.

Never let children play in or near transformer boxes (gray or green). If you see an open or damaged box, report it immediately through Mi LUMA web or app or call us at 1-844-888-5862 (LUMA).

Children may see transformer boxes as a plaything and not understand their dangers. Transformers are generally safe, but they can become dangerous when they are vandalized or damaged.

Warn your children not to put their fingers, sticks or other objects through the cracks in a transformer.  Teach them about the electrical hazard stickers found on the boxes. Children should never play in areas where they see these hazard stickers.

Downed power lines or on the ground are dangerous.  Always assume that any line is charged with electricity and stay away. If you or your child find a line within arm’s reach or on the ground, report it on Mi LUMA web or app or call 1-844-888-5862 (LUMA) immediately.

Never enter an electrical substation. Electrical substations have high voltage electrical equipment. Simply raising your hands inside a substation is enough to cause an arc that can cause electric shock. Never try to rescue a pet, animal, ball, or toy in these areas.