Tips for using Emergency Generators

Emergency generators are very useful during power outages. At LUMA we care for your safety. That is why we want you to take this list into account when you are installing and operating your generator:

  • Always follow your generator manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not overload it.
  • Put it in a dry well-ventilated area, far from doors and windows.
  • The safest way to connect a generator to your house’s power system is through a transfer switch. For this installation call a licensed electrician.
  • Never try to connect your emergency generator through a regular receptacle or breaker, you could feed power into the system and hurt or even kill power workers or neighbors that are served through the same transformer as you.
  • Keep your fuel in containers approved for this use.
  • Turn off your generator and allow it to cool down before each fuel refill.
  • Keep kids away from the generator and the fuel.