Statement in Response to Rep Luis Raul Torres 11/17 Press Conference

The entire LUMA family is absolutely committed to transparency, and that is why we submitted over 10,000 documents to the Puerto Rican Legislature for review that highlights the enormity of the effort and hard work of improving the electric grid after decades of neglect. Respectfully, if Rep. Luis Raul Torres has any specific concerns with any contracts or expenses, we are more than willing to address them and work together with him, and other legislators and regulators to address them. Our highest priority is and will remain doing what is best for the Puerto Rican people and building an energy system that will deliver more reliable, more resilient and cleaner energy every day.

Key Background Facts• With respect to Manuel “Manny” Ortiz he is not and has never been a paid lobbyist for LUMA. • José Pérez Vélez is one of our more than 3,000 hard-working LUMA employees and is not a lobbyist.