Island-wide performance improved in reliability, resiliency, customer service and renewable energy compared to last year.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 21, 2023 – As part of its quarterly performance metrics filing to the Puerto Rico Energy Board (PREB) LUMA announced today significant improvements across multiple performance metrics, including overall reliability, grid resiliency, customer service and renewable energy. Among the noticeable and real improvements that were measured across key performance areas between January and March 2023 included the following.

Q3 Performance Improvements

  • Better Overall Reliability: Significant year-over-year improvements to reliability with average frequency of service interruptions experienced by customers across the island decreased by 25%, when compared to January through March 2022.
  • Reducing Outage Duration: The average duration of service interruptions decreased by 35% during the 2023 quarter compared to the same period one year ago.
  • Expanding Renewable & Solar Energy: Helped connect over 10,000 customers to rooftop solar in just 90 days, representing more than 60,000 kilowatts of renewable energy.
  • Improved Customer Service Calls: Responded more quickly to customer calls by reducing the average customer call wait time by 65%, or less than one minute.
  • Quicker In-Person Service: Reduced the average wait time for in-person visits to customer service centers to 10 minutes or less.

Progress To Date

  • Improving Reliability Through Infrastructure Improvements: Installed 480 automation and distribution devices and modernizing substations.
  • Post-Fiona Vegetation Management Surge: Executed an island-wide vegetation management surge that led to a record 1,300 miles of transmission and distribution lines cleared of vegetation across the island.
  • Historic Number of Solar Connections: Achieved a total of more than 54,000 customer connections to rooftop solar to date, the largest in Puerto Rico’s history.
  • Helping Customers: Supported more than $95 million in critical financial assistance to customers in need.

“The over 3,000 women and men of LUMA have made significant and measurable improvements in multiple areas across Puerto Rico’s electric system. In particular, these performance metrics prove that the hard work of upgrading and modernizing the electric grid is helping build a more reliable, more resilient, customer-focused, and cleaner energy system for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Wayne Stensby, LUMA President and Chief Executive Officer.

About LUMA

LUMA is a Puerto Rican company that, since June 1, 2021, operates and manages the electric power transmission and distribution system in Puerto Rico. LUMA is a company driven by a mission to transform the electrical transmission and distribution system to provide all Puerto Ricans with the reliable, resilient, cleaner, and affordable electrical grid they deserve. As a customer-centric company, LUMA’s entire workforce of more than 3,000 employees is focused on safely delivering an exceptional customer service experience to its 1.5 million customers.