Press Statement

November 14, 2021 – LUMA, with 3,000 strong incredible workers, many of whom put their lives on the line to upgrade and rebuild Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure, is determined to build a more reliable, resilient, and cleaner energy system for the Puerto Rican people. This is a shared mission and our shared goal.  We believe it can be done and that’s why they embraced the challenge of joining the LUMA team. 

LUMA also understands and appreciates the profound importance of working in partnership with our regulators to achieve what was commanded as policy for the energy transformation laws that were approved to give Puerto Rican people what they deserve and expect: an energy system and an energy provider that they can trust and depend on to rebuild our electric system and provide excellent client service at affordable rates.  

As we have strived to demonstrate, LUMA is sincerely committed to the security of the T&D system we have been entrusted to operate and the protection of the amazing workers who are part of the LUMA family. We are also committed to transparency. To date, LUMA has provided more than 10,000 pages of documents in compliance with the request by the Legislature.  This is in addition to all the information shared with the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau.

With respect to the request of confidentiality that has been presented by LUMA, as discussed in the memorandum submitted to the Legislature yesterday, it is essential that the safety, privacy, and security of those who work at LUMA, the infrastructure of the T&D System we operate and the Puerto Rican people depend, as well as other critical information, be protected.

LUMA has respectfully requested that critical documents be held confidentially by the Legislature and that a hearing be held to discuss this request. 

It should be noted that the request for confidentiality is not broad and all-encompassing but is specifically limited to sensitive information that could threaten the security, safety, and privacy of those who work with or for LUMA, and the security and safety of the electric infrastructure. Therefore, the request for confidentiality presented does not in any way undermine LUMA’s commitment to transparency and is driven by equally important protection of other rights.

Among the specific areas LUMA is requesting confidentiality include the following: 

  • Private information regarding our employees and contractors, including financial and personal information that could affect privacy rights;  
  • Critical energy and electric infrastructure information that is protected under local and U.S. federal regulations to ensure the safety and security of the system; and 
  • Privileged and propriety information regarding LUMA that, if they reach the wrong hand, could be used and abused to the detriment of our service to the Puerto Rican people.  

LUMA has respectfully asked that any review of these documents be conducted confidentially, without publicly releasing them and jeopardizing privacy, security and safety interests of individuals and the T&D System. Every Puerto Rican, whether they work at LUMA or not, deserves of the protection of its privacy, safety and security. LUMA is committed to protecting the men and women who are working so hard every day to maintain, operate, and rebuild the T&D system.  

Lastly, we would like to reaffirm our sincere commitment to working with all parties, including regulators and customers, who share our vision for building a more reliable and cleaner energy system for Puerto Rico and the 1.5 million Puerto Rican customers we are privileged to serve.