LUMA has complied with all requests from the court. “We Are Sincerely Committed to Full Transparency and Building a World Class Energy System for the Puerto Rican People”

San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 10, 2021 – Today, LUMA Energy released the following statement in response to Puerto Rico court orders regarding information requests that have now been fulfilled by the company. 

The following statement was released by LUMA Energy CEO Wayne Stensby: 

“LUMA Energy and its 3,000 employees are working hard every single day to build a more reliable, more resilient, and cleaner energy system for the Puerto Rican people we are privileged to serve. Since June 1, LUMA has been singularly focused on rebuilding, repairing, and transforming every aspect of Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure. Through these actions, we are wholly committed to addressing the concerns and needs of our 1.5 million customers. While there is much more work to do,our incredible frontline employees have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of customer service and the reliability of the energy system.” 

“While our daily focus is on improving the energy system that so many of our families, friends, and neighbors depend on, we equally embrace our responsibility to be fully transparent with officials and the people of Puerto Rico about the actions we have taken – and will take – to improve all aspects of the energy grid.”

​“Since March of this year, we have submitted thousands of pages of documentation and information to meet requests from the Legislature of Puerto Rico. In the interest of full transparency, we believe it is important that the Puerto Rican people, local leaders, and all officials know the actions we have recently taken to meet all formal information requests regarding LUMA’s internal and external operations. Above all, we want the Puerto Rican people to know that LUMA is absolutely committed to transparency and to meeting all legitimate current and future document requests.”

Key Documents Provided by LUMA

​As of 5 p.m. today LUMA has complied with all informationrequests from the court. We have provided more than 10,000 pages of documentation including those listed below:▪ Submitted: All invoices, timesheets and supporting documents generated by its employees, consultants, and contractors during the front-end transition process. ▪ Submitted: Studies, projections and estimates prepared by the consortium on the number of employees it needs to hire to operate the transmission and distribution system in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Agreement. ▪ Submitted: Minutes of all the meetings held by LUMA from the beginning of its operations on June 1 to the present.  ▪ Submitted: Total annual compensation from the President, and the six top executives of LUMA in Puerto Rico.▪ Submitted: All the information that certifies the election of Wayne Stensby as president of LUMA.  ▪ Submitted: Names, compensation, positions, and places of residence of the members of the Board of Directors.  ▪ Submitted: List of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) employees who have been interviewed to date; and  ▪ Submitted: List of any employees of PREPA who have been recruited, including their positions and salaries. 

“We believe that the Puerto Rican people deserve full transparency from all parties as to what actions have been taken, are being taken and will be taken to improve Puerto Rico’s energy system. LUMA also supports – and will continue to support – sincere transparency efforts. We urge all parties who share our vision for building a more reliable and cleaner energy system to work together so that all Puerto Ricans know what is being done and what should be done going forward to better our energy system.”

“Lastly, I would like to offer my personal and professional commitment to working with all key stakeholders in Puerto Rico, including the courts, public officials, and other stakeholders to help build a transformational energy system in Puerto Rico for the future. My words reflect the profound responsibility all of us at LUMA have to better the lives of the people we serve. Working together, we are committed to building a 21st century energy system that people of Puerto Rico can be proud of.”