Press statement: Response to request for information from the federal House of Representatives

October 8, 2021

Since June 1st, LUMA serves the 1.5 million electric power service customers across the island, dispatching the energy that powers homes and businesses, repairing outages, and providing customer service across multiple channels.  Our mission is clear: to recover and transform the electric transmission and distribution system to deliver customer-centric, reliable, resilient, sustainable electricity at reasonable prices.

Despite LUMA’s substantial efforts to inform the public about this transformation, there has been much misinformation spread to date regarding key aspects of this transaction. We welcome all opportunities to dispel the many false rumors and misconceptions about the transformation of the electric sector, reiterate LUMA’s mission for Puerto Rico, and highlight the activities that we are carrying out in order to fulfill our commitment of a safer, more reliable and resilient grid, focused on serving customers’ needs.

We are in our fourth month of operations and, despite the numerous and very difficult challenges from those that oppose the transformation, the more than 3,100 committed LUMA employees are hard at work each and every day to improve the system and provide our customers the reliable and affordable energy they all deserve.