San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 22, 2022 – In response to the devasting impacts of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico’s electric system, LUMA continues to work closely with PREPA to restore power and reenergize the electric grid. Over the last 24 hours, LUMA continues conducting damage assessment, working with PREPA to safely reenergize critical generation facilities and is prioritizing restoration efforts across Puerto Rico. As of 6:15 am, following an increase in generation capacity, LUMA has now restored power to 474,295customers.

“LUMA continues to conduct damage assessments, reenergization efforts, and power restoration across Puerto Rico. We are also coordinating closely with PREPA to reenergize key generation facilities that will assist in critical restoration efforts. Over the last twenty-four hours, we have continued aerial inspections of the island’s transmission system and electric grid and cleared damaged infrastructure and debris. While we are still facing significant damage from Hurricane Fiona, our LUMA crews, PREPA and our other partners are prioritizing repairs and will not stop until every customer in Puerto Rico has their power restored,” said LUMA Public Safety Manager, Abner Gómez.

Restoration Update

Among the major restoration actions and accomplishments that have been completed by LUMA

and our partners since Wednesday evening include the following:

Wednesday, September 21

  • 125 crews performed damage assessment operations
  • Deployed 7 damage assessment and engineering contractors to assist with damage assessment efforts across the island
  • Performed aerial inspections of 230kV and 115kV power lines
  • Completed inspections for 100% of critical substations and 165 non-critical substations
  • Arrival of an additional 75 Quanta lineworkers, bringing the total to 136, with 75 more resources on the way from LUMA’s parent companies.

Thursday, September 22

LUMA crews in coordination with PREPA and other partners continued restoration efforts during the early morning hours. The following is the timetable of restoration:

  • 12:30 AM – Restored power for 420,000 customers
  • 4:00 AM – Restored power for 459,586 customers
  • 6:15 AM – Restored power to nearly half a million customers – exactly 474,295 customers as of 6:15 am

Restoration Prioritization

As per our Emergency Response Plan, LUMA continues to prioritize the restoration of electricity for critical customers such as hospitals and PRASA facilities.  These customers, given their critical importance to the community and public safety, will continue to be a priority as generation capacity increases and LUMA restores power to customers.

Restoration Update Facts: Totals To-Date

  • Approximately 32% of Customers Restored
  • 63% of 230 kV power lines restored
  • 42% of 115 kV power lines restored
  • 28% of 38 kV power lines restored
  • 851 miles of transmission power lines restored
  • 54 hospitals restored
  • 52 PRASA facilities energized

Scope of Hurricane Fiona Response

Presently, over 2,000 utility workers representing more than 660 crews are working in the field all across Puerto Rico around the clock to restore and reenergize Puerto Rico’s electric system.

Customer Safety Messages

LUMA continues to urge the public to stay away from any downed power lines as restoration and reenergization efforts continue. We urge the public to put their safety first. Call us immediately at 1-844-888-5862 (LUMA) to report any downed lines or electrical emergencies that require immediate attention.

Follow LUMA’s Hurricane Response

LUMA has been and will continue communicating about its restoration and reenergization efforts through the news media and its social media channels. Among the critical resources LUMA is providing include the following channels:

About LUMA

LUMA is a Puerto Rican company that, since June 1, 2021, operates and manages the electric power transmission and distribution system in Puerto Rico. LUMA is a company driven by a mission to transform the electrical transmission and distribution system to provide all Puerto Ricans with the reliable, resilient, cleaner, and affordable electrical grid they deserve. As a customer-centric company, LUMA’s entire workforce of more than 3,000 employees is focused on safely delivering an exceptional customer service experience to its 1.5 million customers.