Advisory: Customers will receive a smaller bill in October reflecting reduced September consumption due to outages related to hurricane Fiona. Customers will receive a credit in November to the monthly customer charge as required by Act 143.


An Important Message to Our 1.5 Million Customers

The 3,000 women and men of LUMA are deeply concerned about the impact that increasing generation fuel costs are having on rates and all our customers and their families. While some in the media and others have continued to suggest that LUMA has proposed a rate increase, this is simply NOT true.

To be very clear, LUMA is NOT requesting a rate increase, nor do we have any control over the rate impact of rising fuel costs. The fact of the matter is, LUMA’s costs for the maintenance and operation of the electric transmission and distribution system is not associated with the cost of fuel or purchased power. While some in the media have misreported these facts, the truth is, since 2021 fuel costs used by PREPA to generate energy have resulted in six generation-related rate increases.

LUMA not only does NOT generate energy, we do not purchase or manage fuel and we have also NEVER raised or proposed raising the customer base rate.

With respect to the most recent estimate of fuel costs – and these are estimates based on information provided by PREPA – the cost of fuel used by PREPA and other generators has increased by approximately 30% since last quarter. This increase is due to the impact of global events, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The PREB, which is the regulator, will determine the specific impact these rising fuel costs may have on customer rates.

While LUMA is not responsible for the rise in generation fuel costs, we know that increases result in additional economic burden on our customers and we are determined to help them.

As part of our commitment to help our customers, we urge anyone concerned about paying their bill to please reach out to us to learn more about the various financial assistance programs, flexible payment plans and special rates LUMA offers – programs, plans, and rates that have already helped thousands of your neighbors and friends.

Going forward, we will continue to be transparent with you about the energy challenges facing Puerto Rico, and our sincere effort to help mitigate the financial impact that the rising cost of fuels used by PREPA and others to generate energy continues to have on so many of our customers.

As always, if anyone you know is concerned about paying their energy bills, we urge them to call us at 1-844-888-5862 (LUMA) or visit to learn about any programs for which they may be eligible.


The LUMA Family