Easement Services

The Department of Lands and Permits of LUMA Energy, LLC announces that it is serving the general public for the following services:

Land Administration Easement Use Petition Form:

Dear customer:

In LUMA Energy we continue to make improvements and changes that result in a more agile and efficient service related to easement width certifications and endorsement of project plans. As part of these efforts, we have decided to move the services that were processed through [email protected] to the new email address [email protected].

This new address will allow your requests to reach this office faster and more directly. We ask for your indulgence and patience during this transition period which we hope will be beneficial to all.

For plan endorsements or in-person consultations, please request an appointment at [email protected].

Thank you very much.

* All of the above in accordance with the Regulation of Easements for the Electric Power Authority, Regulation 7282 of January 25, 2007.